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Hello world! October 27, 2010

Posted by bermudashorts in Uncategorized.

Welcome to bermudashorts, Bermuda’s newest political blog. If anyone is reading this…they may be wondering why is this guy starting a blog? So why bermudashorts? Why now?

Looking at the Bermuda blogosphere today, there are few regular blogs. There are some sites that update every couple of weeks, some every week, some every day and some every few months. I will do my best to post new content every day or every other day. Not excessively long articles, (hence the blog’s name) you and I have things to do other than sit and watch a blog all day. Another observation of the blogosphere is that there are few regular sites that don’t have some sort of political ideology or party ideology attached to them. I do not subscribe to many, if any political labels. I am not a member of any political party. You can call me a moderate, a centrist, whatever you like. Just know that my opinions are based on practical points of view. I am under 25 years old, also making this the youngest opinion site on Bermuda’s politics.

Okay, so why now?

The founding of this site is deliberately timed with the exit of the Honourable Dr. Ewart Brown. While over the past four years I have mulled over starting a blog, due to my frustration with the political commentary on the Island. I felt as though with the good Doctor’s administration, that the public’s opinion did not matter. With this change in administration, I have some hope that they will take a greater interest in the public’s opinion and well-being.

I also hope that this website’s content won’t be so serious all the time. I would like at times to be able to laugh at some of the ridiculousness of our politics (usually there’s something the Royal Gazette that makes me laugh).

So enjoy, participate and let me know what you think!




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