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Please, Please, Please not Paula! October 28, 2010

Posted by bermudashorts in Politics.
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Tonight, Bermuda receives a new Premier, everybody knows who it’s going to be. We are just pretending that it will be a surprise. She has been waiting for her coronation for years and tonight, the PLP delegates will choose her over two other equally qualified candidates. I will make a last minute appeal for the delegates not to “coronate” Paula Cox.

My main issue with Ms.Cox is her complete lack of responsibility. Her “cog in the wheel” comment says it all. Under her control of the public purse, we saw every single government project overrun it’s cost by quite some margin, sometimes doubling or tripling in price. Her statement regarding the TCD cost overruns was a complete cop-out and failure to take responsibility for her and her ministry’s actions (or inaction). It was honestly pathetic. Her inability to take tackle the Government’s spending shows two very important things. Either, one, she’s a wet noodle and was unable to say “no”. Or two, she’s been biding her time, waiting for “her moment” (tonight), not making any enemies within her party, simply because she wants to be Bermuda’s next leader. I think both are true.

Either way, those qualities are not what one should expect from anybody wanting to be the leader of our country. Why should we reward someone for doing a shitty job? Someone who may have deliberately done a bad job so that she could be made Premier. If we’ve learned anything from her role as Minister of Finance, it is that she cannot make difficult decisions and will take the easier route of political expediency.

So please, pick Terry or Dale (Dale would be the better choice). Don’t reward Paula for her irresponsibility.


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