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Well… October 29, 2010

Posted by bermudashorts in Politics.
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Empty Victory

Last night a new Premier was chosen by 150 people. Congratulations to Paula Cox on winning the little PLP poll.

I have a very big problem with how the Premier is chosen and has been chosen in the past. While I understand that this is the way things have worked in a Westminster style democracy, the whole thing seems very, well, undemocratic. Keeping this system in place 150 people deciding the fate of the country? Fucking ludicrous. Although to be fair that’s probably about the size of the BDA membership. They could at least open up voting to all party members.

In the brief leadership campaign we saw three very different campaigns. Terry Lister wins the award for running a campaign that was completely open and addressed to the public, hoping that somehow his concern for the public opinion would translate into delegate votes. An ill fated campaign strategy, but I commend him for trying. Had this have been a US primary campaign, Terry would have won. Dale wins the nonstarter award, spending most of the campaign sitting at home. At least he was realistic about his chances. Two vote Dale? Time to switch to the BDA.

That brings us to our new Premier, Paula Cox only spoke to delegates. I guess that makes her the smartest candidate. Doesn’t this sound like back room dealing? We should get rid of this shitty undemocratic delegate system and open the whole process up to party members. This will allow a little thing called blowback to enter the PLP arena. That way we won’t end up with a leader that is only trusted by the hardcore party elites.

Also, Dale Butler’s choice of hat for the conference, awesome!


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