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Paula’s Cabinet Predictions October 31, 2010

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Okay, so I was a little hard on Paula Cox in the first couple posts of this blog. I’m sorry for that, I am optimistic about this new administration’s future and hopefully it will not be business as “ewshul”.I’m just hoping my assessment of her was right; that she was just waiting for her Premiership to take some bold action.

Without too much intimate knowledge of the PLP’s inner workings, it’s hard to predict precisely who will be in her cabinet. However, the chat is that she will aim to rid herself of the unpopular ministers that sat in Dr.Brown’s cabinet, I believe this will be true. It’s clear from her speeches thus far that she is eager to rid herself of the Brown legacy. The only person who I’d like to fire for sure is Glenn Blakeney, who has really just done an awful job with his portfolio. Whether it’s clashing with BEST or the Athlete of the Year and Pool controversy, he was probably the worst of the Brown cabinet. Look for El James or Michael Weeks, the newcomer, to pick up the Sport portfolio. As for the Environment portfolio, we really need someone willing to work hard for environmental protection instead of undermine it. I’m pretty passionate about the environment, and this guy, in my mind set us back.

Other cabinet positions seem pretty safe. Zane DeSilva is questionable, a hardcore Brownie tied very closely to the cronyism that took place under the last administration. But they may think that it’s important to have a white guy in the cabinet. I think he’d be well suited for the Transport portfolio.

Keep the Colonel. He’s a hard worker, and if steered in the right direction, I think he can do some good things.

So Tourism and Environment are up in the air. Dale Butler would be a decent choice for tourism as long as someone was guiding him. He’s passionate about Bermuda’s culture and a really nice guy. I just worry that he may not have the kind of drive, say that Dr.Brown had. Marc Bean will get tourism I think.

However, I believe that Dale’s a natural for the social rehabilitation post. You could see in his speech to the delegates that he was very concerned about the social issues and was very passionate about the need to pass certain social legislation, like banning discrimination against homosexuals and combatting homelessness and poverty. So I’m for Dale getting into social rehabilitation. But PLP conservatism may stop his social agenda short. Ashfield DeVent may get that one.

That leaves Terry Lister, who was pretty well suited for the finance job, but Paula’s not letting that one go. Perhaps he will end up in one of his old posts? There are apparently new ministries being created as well. What do you think they will be?

Any predictions? Comment is free.

Of course it would be a dream to think that we could be mature enough to handle a couple opposition members in Cabinet. Maybe 20 years from now.


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