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New Cabinet! November 1, 2010

Posted by bermudashorts in Politics.
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The new Cabinet appointees at Government House today

Paula Cox has appointed an interesting new Cabinet. Not a real surprise that my predictions were way off. I had a feeling that we might see Dame Jennifer Smith return from the backbench. I think that she will make a fine minister, although by judging her history of lavish spending while she was Premier makes me wonder if she’s going to have the balls to cut the education budget. I hope she doesn’t, I am totally against cutting education, it would be a huge mistake to do so.
I think that some of the new cabinet posts are improvements. Having a Business Development Ministry is an important one, especially because retail is struggling so hard. Kim Wilson’s new post also sounds interesting, Economy, trade and industry. Looks like she will be the one to tackle the international business troubles. Not sure what the Public Information Services Ministry will cover? Wasn’t there one of those in No.1 shed? Sounds like they’re making Neletha Butterfield a librarian, it might just be a bad name…
The Colonel’s new post as Minister for National Security is well suited for him, but do we seriously need a National Security Ministry? I guess it depends on what is meant by “national security”. If it means combatting gun crime, I’m all for it, but if they mean it in the American sense; looking for terrorists, that might be a little silly.
So what’s missing? A sports ministry. Not sure if the gazette forgot to print who was Sports minister, or whether there is simply no sports ministry.
Also missing, Dale Butler. It seemed certain that he would serve in Cabinet. This may be proof that he no longer has a place in the PLP. From my perspective, Dale is one of the few in the PLP that has modern, progressive social views, so it is sad to see him not included.
I guess we will hear detailed descriptions of these new ministries in the coming days. I am excited to hear what they have planned.


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