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More thoughts on Cabinet November 2, 2010

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With a little more time, thought and information. I’ve had a couple of revelations.

1. While the breaking up of the Finance Ministry is good for the most part, there are problems with Customs and Immigration.

The creation of the Business Development and Economy, Trade and Industry (ETI) Ministries will hopefully bring more focus to tackling Bermuda’s troubles in all of those fields. However, I have a feeling like Customs and Immigration are going to end up being massive clusterfucks. The subdivision of Customs into Finance and National Security doesn’t make too much sense. You are separating a department that works together, in doing so you create the risk of non-communication, more bureaucracy and nobody being in charge. Same goes for the “work permit regime” going to ETI and “border control” going to National Security. Work Permits and Border Control also need to work together, so again, separating them seems unnecessary and holds the same risks as Customs. I may be over hyping the relationship between all these departments, someone tell me if I am. I just think that separating will further confusion instead of decreasing it.  Hopefully, the Premier has thought this out a little more than I have, and I am wrong. I would love to be wrong.

2. Glenn Blakeney

I expressed in an earlier post that I think Glenn Blakeney should be out of Cabinet. I believed that he should not have  control of Sport, who he’d screwed in the last administration. Unfortunately, it falls under the Youth and Families Ministry (the social rehab and youth and sport ministries zombie). So I reiterate my desire for him to be out of control of Sports. My first reaction to him being Youth and Families Minister was, “huh? the guy with his own family troubles?” But after thinking about it a little more, he may be the perfect one to tackle our social problems, he has witnessed first hand how guns and violence tears a the social fabric of our nation.

3. Ministry of Public Information Services

Still not explained.

4. There’s a rumour circulating that Zane DeSilva got picked for Minister of Health because he will be building the new Hospital. That’s laughable, I think there is enough space between the BHB and government if anybody is seriously worried about that.



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