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End of Discrimination of Sexual Orientation? November 9, 2010

Posted by bermudashorts in Politics.

Not likely. Glenn Blakeney’s statement regarding the legislation was in the beautiful bullshit language that we hear from politicians more often than not. He did not make a solid commitment to pushing the motion through. My biggest problem was with this part of his statement. “We’re looking at doing some things that we believe will address the concerns of the various stakeholders in the community regarding sexual orientation, without compromising the integrity or moral fibre for some who might be concerned, with regard to spiritual and/or religious beliefs.”
May I remind the Minister that there is no such thing as compromise with this issue. Passing this legislation has nothing to do with offending conservative or religious Bermudians, it is about discrimination, protecting human rights, one of a government’s main responsibilities. Our government should be looking out for the rights of individuals that are being discriminated against, not compromising the “moral fibre” of backwards thinking people. This statement to me, sounds like Mr. Blakeney is not really ready to tackle this rather simple issue that has been constantly dismissed.
The reason I am not optimistic about the outcome, is because even if the bill is tabled, it will face practically the same audience that Renee Webb’s bill faced in the house in 2006. Here’s to hoping that MP’s on both sides will not be as cowardly as they were in 2006. This isn’t a morally difficult discussion like gay marriage. This is about ending discrimination and beginning a deconstruction of homophobia that is rampant on our island.



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