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Your Government is Hiding March 10, 2011

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The PLP government has become increasingly vague, recently. I cannot help but see their defense of past problems as hiding behind half truths. The whole political game of speaking in platitudes is becoming so un-constructive it’s pretty clear that they are unfit to handle the practical solutions that Bermuda needs for today. When the opposition makes its case with numbers and facts, the response that they get is just BULLSHIT.

Last night’s parliamentary debate over the Wharfage Fees in Hamilton is a prime example. The opposition essentially questioned the wisdom of this whole scheme.

“One wonders why have we gone though all this palaver for such a small fee. The former Premier spent $800,000 on lawyers to get this thing done. They spent all this money for the takeover, the net is less than a million dollars. One wonders what it’s all for.”-Bob Richards

PLP Response:

“The idea is not to take all revenue from the Corporation. History will show that the move and the amendment, and this adjustment to the way the affairs of the Corporation are handled, was good for the City, it was good for democracy and therefore it was good for Bermuda.”- Michael Scott

“When you talk about net spend, if it could have cost $3 million or $5 million to get that Act changed and get democracy in the City, it would have been money well spent”. “When I think of the poor Bermudian families that have been disenfranchised, if we had to spend millions of money on that, it would have been money well spent.”- Zane Desilva

“Government backbencher Walter Lister stressed it was about democracy, while Ms Cox concluded: “This isn’t about the money. Really it’s about the fact we had a principle at stake.”

Is Bermuda in a position to spend money fighting for a principle, which frankly not many people care about? Furthermore, if this legislation was truly about the principle of democracy, it could have been done without the price tag. If it was really about democracy, the government could have pressured the Corporation into changing it’s voting system. The government is acting like they’ve had some huge victory for democracy, but what is the point if people are struggling to meet ends meet? What could that $800,000 gone to instead of this legislation? How about sending struggling households in Hamilton a cheque for a piece of that money? If that were the trade off, I dont think that anyone would give a flying fuck about democracy. The legislation doesn’t provide any social benefits, provides a very small chunk of cab fare for the government and provides everybody in Hamilton with the right to vote in a Corporation that no longer has any power. So was it worth it? Absolutely not. Zane Desilva and the other PLP members are taking a position similar to neo-conservatives in the US, that you can’t put a price tag on principles like democracy and freedom. But the problem is, there is a price tag, whether we like it or not. Bermuda is not in a position where we can pay such a high cost for small principles, especially something that could have been done for free. The PLP needs to get a grip on reality and stop hiding their financial stupidity and abuse behind platitudes and buzzwords.



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