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Who Knew LaVerne was a Buddhist? December 9, 2010

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“Ignorance is bliss” they say and Laverne Furbert is living that mantra to the fullest.

Ignoramus of the Season

I was dumbfounded by her comments in the Senate yesterday. She just may have won the prize for Bermuda’s most ignorant politician of the year.

I think that it’s a widely accepted fact that poverty in Bermuda today is getting worse. Just because LaVerne Furbert’s grandchildren have their own bedrooms and computers does not mean that things are any better than they were before. Like our former weatherlady said, “We have parents with children growing up in parks. We know that”. But at least they shit indoors, right LaVerne? Senator Furbert’s comments sound similar to an old fool saying, “You know you kids have it so much better than we did, our lives were so much harder, back in the day”. But some of the problems that she pointed out, still go on today. However, some things are better today. Today we have great organisations like the Coalition for the Protection of Children.

Sheelagh Cooper has worked tirelessly for Bermuda’s needy children and Senator Furbert simply dismisses her as being “sensational”? It’s absolutely absurd. She went even farther to insult the work that Mrs. Cooper has done, by saying that giving breakfast to schoolchildren is misguided and that we should be teaching parents how to cook.

I agree, that would be great; but frankly, that’s nearly impossible to do. Not to mention that a lot of parents are working two or three jobs, so they probably don’t even have time too cook breakfast for their kids or potentially cannot afford to put food on the table. That is precisely the reason why Mrs. Cooper’s organization is feeding schoolchildren breakfast. So they may not learn how to cook omelets or bacon and eggs since they are getting breakfast at school, but this is ensuring that no child comes to school feeling hungry. To me, that is something to celebrate. Kids are going to have better nutrition, learn better in school and get into a great habit  of having breakfast everyday. When that time comes, where they no longer get breakfast in school, they will be prepared to want to make breakfast for themselves, even if it’s just a bowl of cereal.

I raise my glass to Sheelagh Cooper and the Coalition for the Protection of Children. They are doing some excellent work in our community and we should be thanking them, not insulting them.

As for LaVerne, she should get her head out of her ass and take a lesson from Sheelagh Cooper about what service to the community is really about.