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Party Switch November 17, 2010

Posted by bermudashorts in Politics.
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Today’s headline in the paper got me thinking; if Michael Dunkley does indeed switch parties what does that mean for the BDA and UBP?? It would be  a huge switch.

For the BDA…

While the political lightweights over at the BDA could benefit from the firepower that Senator Dunkley would bring. They have great ideas, but not quite enough balls or charisma to make people listen. However, the switch may tarnish the image that the BDA is trying to build (a new party), at least in the eyes of the PLP and perhaps the public. They have tried to escape from the PLP criticism, that the BDA is really just another wing of the UBP, a criticism that I think they have distanced themselves from as they have gotten a look at the BDA’s membership and potential candidates. A switch like this will most likely set them back. Michael is seen as old, white UBP (mostly just because he’s a white guy who’s stuck around for a while)remember the attacks on him during the 2007 Election? If this happens, it may just turn on the PLP spin machines again. However, there is no question they would see a little benefit from a political heavyweight like Michael Dunkley.

For the UBP…

Without question a major blow. They will lose one of their most essential politicians

This is all speculation of course. I think that the RG essentially printed a rumor, it is a pretty slow news cycle.

Watching the news tonight. VSB reported that Dale Butler is being challenged for his seat by Jonathan Smith, the former police commissioner. I guess it will come to light in the next few days how this primary process will work. It will also be interesting to find out who put Jonathan Smith up to the task of challenging for the seat. It has become very clear over the past few months that the Progressive Labour Party no longer has any time for their most progressive MP. If I were Mr. Butler, I would switch parties or become an independent immediately. I’m sure the only thing keeping him in place is his constituents. Not out of fear of losing their support, (I think he’ll have it forever) but switching allegiances would seem dishonest in his eyes.

It seems pretty clear to me, as someone who would like for him to work for Bermuda, not just the people of Warwick whatever. He’s been pushed way too deep into the backbench.

Could be a good week for the BDA?

Oh and congratulations to Marc Bean on winning Ewart Brown’s old seat. The BDA’s drug test challenge was dumb. Who really gives a shit? If you really want the electorate to take you seriously, don’t bring a wet noodle to a gun fight, talk about real issues to make a statement. Last I checked, MP drug use was not a real problem facing Bermuda. Nobody cares if you’re drug free or not. Oh, that is unless you are the UBP’s candidate. People may want to know if you’ve stopped using cocaine, fresh off of your drug sentence.